Anti-Aging Myths You Need To Stop Believing

These days we are constantly surrounded by anti-aging advice from friends, family, and advertisements. Unfortunately, while much of this advice is well-meaning, much of it can actually be myths rooted in false or incomplete information. It can be difficult to navigate what is real and what is not, especially while we are trying to feel our best overall about the aging process.

With so much advice and advertisements telling us what keeps us looking ageless, it is important to consider aging as a holistic process- looking at how we can help ourselves age both with our mind and with our body.

Here are some common anti-aging myths, from Botox to genetics, that may be quite shocking to discover, as well as some tips to help keep us and our skin feeling healthy and youthful.

JK7 Rejuvenating Serum

Myth 1: Aging Is Determined by Genes

While aging can be linked to our genetics, other significant determinants in the process of our aging are actually extrinsic factors. This can be excellent news for us, meaning that even if we have poor genetics, we can actually decelerate the natural aging process by taking care of the external factors that impact us, such as UV light and pollution. A barrier for our skin is needed to help protect us from these outside factors, and it can be formed by using products daily in our skin care regime.

We recommend starting with a premium serum lotion, as this will actually provide a layer of protection on the skin. JK7®’s Rejuvenating Serum Lotion is a luxurious mix of Jasmine, Rose, Chamomile, and natural-based proteins and lipids, which builds a strong and firm protection for your skin.

It also will promote the growth of healthy skin cells, which will only strengthen the support your skin needs to keep it safe from various extrinsic factors. Keeping the skin enriched with these vital nutrients will ensure that pollution and radiation are unable to alter the body’s natural cell production, allowing for a radiant and youth-enhancing glow.

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Myth 2: You Don’t Need to Adopt an Anti-aging Beauty Routine Until You Hit 40

One of the biggest myths is that a diligent skin care routine can wait until you start to see the effects of aging. The aging process is a gradual one, which happens a bit day by day and can be accelerated by a combination of genetics and external factors. This means that a quality anti-aging routine can and should be started by at least in your 30s.

A skin care routine is of utmost importance to help slow down the aging process and prevent factors from increasing the rate at which it happens. It is never too early to begin your revitalizing and anti-aging regime.

A key preventative step to include in your daily routine is an oil that can help reduce protein degradation. An oil like JK7®’s Golden Face Oil can enhance the firmness of the skin while also helping it retain its elasticity for a radiant, youthful look.

With its organic essential oils, such as Jasmine and Rose, it helps balance the moisture of your skin while not creating an overabundance of oil. It’s the perfect addition to your routine after using a gentle cleanser to allow your skin to rehydrate and find a natural balance.

Face Lifting Boosting Serum

Myth 3: Botox Is the Best Thing You Can Do to Fight the Signs of Aging

Botox is a common method used these days to achieve age-less, wrinkle-free skin. However, it can also come with some harmful side effects. Botox is a toxin that works by blocking signals from your nerves, which should stop your muscles from contracting and therefore stopping the formation of wrinkles.

Since it is meant to target your nerves, this is something that can lead to potentially harmful consequences, such as nerve poisoning. Because botox is a toxin that can spread throughout the body, this can lead to loss of nerve and muscle strength, as well as even swallowing and breathing problems. Overall, this can lead to further health problems in a few years and is not ideal.

Instead of injecting a toxin like botox to help with an anti-aging routine, it is much more preferable to use a pure product that can also provide similar benefits. A product containing  Spilanthes and Hyaluronic Acid, like JK7®’s Face-Lifting Booster, is a natural and healthy alternative that targets and works on the same points as botox, but without the toxicity and harmful effects.

This gel contains JK7®’s Signature Extract from Silver Ear Mushrooms to help with moisture and firmness. Also, the special addition of flowers and seeds of Spilanthes Acmella have a powerful wrinkle-reducing and smoothing effect, making this serum the perfect natural botox.

While these myths may be commonly found in our day-to-day life, it is important to keep in mind that we can help our aging process continue naturally and beautifully with our daily routines. We can continue to cultivate a positive mindset and bring in small changes that will help us feel our best every day. Keep reading our JK7® Journal to learn more about our holistic approach to aging and how our bodies can benefit from looking at many different aspects of wellness to make us feel our best.

~Your JK7® Team ~