Discover JK7’s brand philosophy, meet our founders, and explore how you can become a part of our community through our brand ambassador and charity programs.

Never compromise

You don’t compromise. Neither do we. Our objective in creating JK7® was not only to come up with the best skin care ever, but to truly tap into the power of what nature has to offer with the aim to have the world’s finest skin care. Period. Organic, natural and unbelievably potent. No compromise so you can take control.

jk7 lifestyle

Health & Wellbeing

JK7® is a brand rooted in the philosophy of wellness, well-living and longevity. A holistic lifestyle will lead to powerful changes for the better – for your body and mind. By combining these 7 key elements, give only the best to yourself.

Healthy Nutrition – Fuel for the Body
Mental Health – Yoga & Meditation
Physical Health– Exercise & Movement
Spa & Wellness
– Detox & Relaxation
Life Balance – Anti-stress
Natural Healing – Herbal Health
Beauty – JK7® Luxurious Natural Skin Care

jk7 founder

Meet our Founder

Doctor Jurgen Klein is the mind and scientist behind JK7®. Dr. Klein was introduced to forest herbs by his grandfather in Germany and successfully founded Australian skin care brand, Jurlique. Breaking the molds in the natural skin care market, he has been producing bio-dynamic and organic high-quality products, becoming a pioneer in the field of health, natural therapies and wellness. Each batch is hand-crafted for maximum purity, power and control, because we believe that skin care should show results from Day 1.

It’s time to take back control

You take control of the food you eat and of your health when exercising. So, why would you ever compromise when it comes to your skin? Many skin creams contain toxins which can accelerate the aging of your skin. JK7® has a different approach to skin beauty. The benefits of our products will suprise you. It’s time to take control of your skin.


Wellness first

“We encourage people to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, just as we do most passionately” says Co-Founder and JK7® CEO, avid yoga practitioner Karin Klein.  Other steps, such as, eliminating unhealthy foods from your diet and paying attention to the quality of your drinking water (no chlorine, fluoride or other harmful chemicals) no matter where you are in the world, do make a difference. Find out all about our tips and insights on how to lead a healthier and sustainable life in our journal section.

jk7 clare milford

Brand Ambassador

Our JK7®️ brand ambassador, Clare Milford-Haven, is a vigorous polo player who has personally experienced the remarkable benefits of our skin care products. She passionately attests, "Since I started using JK7®️ products, I have received compliments from friends and family about how my skin looks younger, firmer, and radiant." Clare's transformation caught the attention of those around her.

To delve deeper into Clare's journey with JK7®️, we invite you to stay connected with us through our social channels. Clare embodies the spirit of a strong, confident woman who advocates for the excellence of our products.

Eco & charities

Sometimes, very little is needed to start the process of change for the better. One of the great motivations behind our involvement in non-profit activities, is to see that many positive changes can occur in individuals and communities around the world. Find out more about the non-profit activities we support and contact us to see how you can make an impact. Together, let’s take control.

Pupukea Paumalu
Ananda Sangha Worldwide
Braille Without Borders
Fluorosis Research & Rural Development Foundation