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Secret Age-Defying Gel

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The light and very effective JK7® Secret Age-Defying Gel is the perfect product to curb premature ageing and is guaranteed to keep your skin feeling firm and fresh. The Gel contains a powerful complex of Vitamin C and E, as well as an abundance of herbal extracts.

We use our own patented extract from the rind of the Mangosteen, also called “God’s Fruit” in Asia, which provides a powerful anti-ageing effect.

Scent: Sandalwood & Orange

Garcinia Mangostana Fruit contains powerful Xanthones and antioxidants, and is used to prevent damage to healthy cells while restoring damaged skin.

The JK7® Secret Age-Defying Gel is the perfect life-force enhancing and anti-ageing treatment. The luxurious formula repairs, enhances and protects your skin’s long-term radiance and health.

It is a potent fast acting and well penetrating Recovery Gel, which refreshes and tightens stressed, tired looking skin.

After cleansing, apply JK7® Secret Age-Defying Gel onto your face, neck, and décolleté using light circular strokes. Follow with JK7® 24H Cream or JK7® Day Face Lotion. Recommended for everyday use. For deeper overnight rejuvenation, apply a
 layer of JK7® Secret Age-Defying Gel, followed by a layer of JK7® 24H Cream and an additional layer of JK7® Secret Age Defying-Gel for maximum result.

We especially recommend the Gel for normal to oily skin


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