• JK7 Eye Gel
  • JK7 Eye Gel
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Eye Gel

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The skin around the eyes is very delicate and the eyelids are known to have the thinnest skin on our entire body. Also, due to the constant movement of muscles with facial expressions, this skin gets stretched and starts showing lines, wrinkles and sagging much sooner than anywhere else on the face.

With the light and effective lifting JK7® Eye Gel, you will feel and see a difference after the first few applications.

Arnica Montana Flower stimulates growth of new tissue; treats skin bruises effectively and eliminates microorganisms.

The JK7® Eye Gel soothes fine lines and reduces dark circles as it calms and moisturizes the delicate skin around your eyes. It improves deep, immediate and long-term hydration. It reduces protein degradation and supports your collagen and elastin production. This deeply nourishing gel is a reliable companion for everyday use, day and night.

Especially beneficial for oily complexions and underneath a heavier cream style make-up around your eyes.

Apply a small amount of JK7® Eye Gel by using your fingertips to gently pat onto the delicate area around the eyes until absorbed. Following with a JK7® Moisturizer of your choice is recommended to complete your skin care regimen.


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